Simple Session 2019 is just around the corner – and to help build the hype, Simple just released this documentary on Simple Session: and it’s a good’un. Narrated by Darryl Nau and featuring the likes of Drew Bezanson and Larry Edgar, and extremely well made – this is a solid watch. Hold tight, hit play, get stuck into this.

A cinematic glimpse behind the scenes and a deep dive into the state-of-mind experience of the legendary Simple Session 2018. Filmmaker Dmitri Shushuyev followed the riders, filmers and organisers of the event before and around the historic happening in February 2018 in Tallinn, the wintery capital of the now 100-year-old Republic of Estonia.

Director: Dmitri Shushuyev
Cinematography by: Dmitri Shushuyev
Additional Cinematography by: Anar-Erik Kütsar
Edit, Color and Animation by: Dmitri Shushuyev
Narration by: Darryl Nau
Interviews: Drew Bezanson & Larry Edgar
Music: Red Bull Records & Red Bull Content Pool