BMX Fork Geometry Explained by Brant Moore

Here BMX vlogger Brant Moore helps clue us in with what goes into your forks and how they affect your ride – the head angle, the fork offset, trail, axis, and more. If you want to know more about forks, then hit play.

“On the surface, the geometry of bmx forks appears very simple and this can be taken at face value. We all know that more offset is supposed to mean more stability and less offset is supposed to mean more front end control with less stability, but why is that? Digging a little bit deeper shows that there is so much more to the geometry of a fork and the steering of a bicycle going on than meets the eye. In this video, I talk about the geometry of not only bicycle forks, but also bicycle steering and the different aspects that affect it like steering axis, fork offset or rake, and trail.” – Brant