Watch Albert Mercado and Jeff Purdy – GT in AZ!

A new piece brought to us by Albert and Jeff, sessioning a ton of amazing spots in Arizona! Get into this.

“When Ben from GT presented the idea of doing a short trip with Albert Mercado and Jeff Purdy to my hometown of Arizona, I knew immediately that I had to say yes. Albert has been a good friend of mine long before I was ever considered a professional videographer and his approach to riding and filming has always been one of my favorites. His unique ability to look at a spot and figure out that truly special move is incredible. Jeff, on the other hand, was rather new to me. After a bit of research and watching his INSANE Daily Grind section, I was more than excited to get started. Five days later and a bunch of classic AZ spots conquered, these two absolutely blew me away with their unmatched skill and the determination to get as many moves logged despite our short time together. I hope you enjoy what we’ve put together and I look forward to the next opportunity to film with these badasses again.” – Ryan Chadwick, Filmer.