Matthias Dandois on top of a mountain

This is incredible… Matthias Dandois does it again.

“BMX Flatland above the clouds 3226m high! With a temperature of -23°C, 62% of oxygen compare to sea level and a frozen slippery platform, it was definitely the most challenging shoot of my life but we pulled it off and I’m stoked on the result!” – Matthias

Shot with Fujifilm X-T3 Location: Aiguille Rouge, Les Arcs,

INFO: France Production : Philéas Images Réalisation : Sébastien Laugier Images : Jocelyn Mazeau & Romain Marie Drône : Romain Marie Son: Vincent Perret / Dinosaures Assistants : Julia Duquenne & Maxime Musqua Photographe : Andy Parant