Bike Check – Brian Kachinsky’s GT Globetrotter

Check this out – Brian Kachinsky just posted up a new bike check on his current GT ride, and it’s looking dialled. That frame colour is wild – hopefully something we’ll see on upcoming 2019 bikes maybe? We shall see. Here’s the scoop…

I don’t like to take chances while I’m taking chances. In recent years I’ve seen some scary things happen to handlebars, stems, frames and forks. Thankfully I’m 100% confident in mine.” – BK

“Riding something you can trust is the most important aspect of a bike. The GT Original 4pc bars are tough as nails by design. The double gusset and tubing on my signature Globetrotter frame provides extra insurance to the front end.” – BK

“My signature GT Elevated stem as all the right material in the right places – even though the streets took a little bite out of the front.” – BK

“Everything rolls smoothly and stands strong. Thanks @ben_ward at @gtbicycles for the design expertise and for choosing strength above all else. #bmx #gtbicycles Shoutout to @odysseybmx for the forks, cranks, wheels, etc. Thankful for this masterpiece.” – Brian Kachinsky