Kevin Peraza’s runs from FISE Japan

Oh man, Peraza was ON FIRE in Hiroshima, Japan, for the FISE contest over the weekend just gone, and he qualified in first place – with a combo of unique lines, wild NBD tricks, and more flow and style around the park… Kevin nailed it. Check out his two runs here from OurBMX.

“Soooo, today was qualifying and there was a lot of bike riding. Like, a whole lot. 57 men and 35 women all took two one minute runs. Insert mind blown emoji. We have a ton of footage to sort and are doing the best we can…in the meanwhile, check Kevin Peraza’s first place qualifying runs. The contest format for qualifying was two runs & both count, so consistency was definitely key. It switches to best run from the semi finals on, so expect some bigger tricks to happen…” – OurBMX