Flashback: Jason Phelan’s Loch Down

When it comes to video projects, few riders did it better than Jason Phelan. Jason pulled out ALL the stops for his incredible Loch Down video – building ramps on two boats in the middle of a remote Scottish Loch and setting the entire video there. Not just a few dodgy kickers on a boat, this was the full noise: quarters, rails, boat-to-boat transfers, deck level transfers, the works. Jason and filmer Mike King nailed it with this video – and it drew hundreds of thousands of views.
Here’s the recap: Mike’s behind the scenes video.

“With the launch of http://www.jasonphelan.com we released LochDown – Behind the Scenes where we built a skatepark on deep sea diving boats, and what a good time it was. I couldn’t be Happier/Prouder with the way came out. Eight months hard work all led to this amazing project and Mike King done an amazing job putting this together. Thanks to the support of DeWalt, Extreme and Vision ramps for helping bring this to life. Also supported by GT Bikes and Bawbags.” – Jason