Check out Mad Mike’s Jamtastic Ghetto Jam

Proof that sometimes you don’t really need a quarter-million dollar skatepark to have a blast – Mad Mike takes things into his own hands with his ghetto jam; the Jamtastic Voyage event, sponsored by GT with the whole crew in town and some east coast street LEGENDS. Also, check out Mike’s reaction as he’s bumped to the pro team.

“If you follow “Mad Mike” Guth on Instagram, you’ve caught a glimpse of his unique concoction of DIY wood creations inside an ice rink in his hometown of Weatherly, Pennsylvania in the U.S. With help from GT​ and his teammates, Mike put on a jam at his spot, and we were there to capture some of the wildness that went down throughout the day. At the end of the jam, GT also announced Mike is now bumped up to the Pro team; congrats!” – Dig

Video by Rob Dolecki