Well, this is a little different – Speed n Style type contests happen in mountainbike events, but this is one of the first major situations where it’s been done in BMX. Monster set this up at their latest Triple Challenge (which, thanks to the course alone, looked a WHOLE lot better than previous Triple Challenge events…)

“Nothing super serious here, but during practice at Monster’s recent Speed And Style event, I asked Ryan Nyquist and Anthony Napolitan to run a GoPro for a practice race just to show the concept of the event. Two riders drop in for a race where they’re judged on time and the tricks they do…then they swap sides and do it all over again. A rider can only win by a maximum of one second and each jump is judged individually and worth a half second each (ie, the person who does the worse trick gets a half second added to their overall time). I’ll have highlights for the event soon, but it may be on the Monster Energy channel as I was working for them. Just a heads up.” – OurBMX