Watch The Affirmation Trailer

United have created some of the best videos in BMX – even winning NORA Cups in the process – and here’s the trailer for their latest one, Affirmation. Bring it on…

“Affirmation is a chance for us to introduce a few new faces in with a mix of old. No bells and whistles just the crew having a good time and doing what they do. Filmed over the space of 6 months (and some footage that had been sat on for a while) by Emerson Morgan, featuring Fernando Laczko, Ben Gordon, Kris Bunnage, Jack Seymour, Jack Gruber, Alex Valentino, Frasier Hill, Justin care, Jeff Kocsis, George Duran, Fooman, Jordan Okane, Harry Mills Wakley and Miki Fleck.” – United

Video by Emerson Morgan