Tate Rosekelley Shreds His Tyres… again

More magic from Tate Rosekelley again – this time in this promo for GT’s Shred and Shed tyres that change colour as you ride them…

“The Shred N Shed Pool Tire is tough and grips well on all surfaces—perfect for the rigors that Tate Roskelley puts a tire through.” – GT

A unique feature of the Shred N Shed is the second colored layer which is slowly revealed from the wear of riding. Additional features include non-directional tread with a micro-knurled surface, Quick Release grind friendly sidewalls, max 60PSI. Available in all black with red or grey second shed layer, in 2.3” only.

20 x 2.30”

Inflated Width: 2.37” (60mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.60” (523.2mm)
Max Pressure: 60 psi
Weight: 31.40oz
• Non-directional tread
• Micro-knurled surface
• Quick Release grind friendly sidewall