Hell yes: Alex Kennedy is a wizard

Alex always surprises us with video gems through his health foods / supplements sponsor Nyishar – which sounds a bit random, but when the video projects are as good as this one, full of wild rail tricks and NBDs with Alex’s usual creativity, bring it on. Absolute treats.

“We worked on this project on and off for a year but mine & AK’s schedules often clashed and we couldn’t get out to film anywhere near as much as we planned. The momentum was constantly interrupted by other commitments and made it difficult to finish the project. Some of this is warming up at spots for tricks we ended up not getting due to bad weather or getting kicked out, and some of it is straight up heavy. A lot of this was first try too. Hopefully the stars will align in the future and we can work on a full length part again, but for now here is the rough draft of some of our most recent adventures. AK is a beast.” – Nyishar