Re-Up: Éclat’s Alex Kennedy, Kilian Roth, and Devon Smillie in Korea

Eclat took a pro squad out to South Korea for this wild adventure… and man, what a place: Devon Smillie, Alex Kennedy, and Kilian Roth were all over this – with Zach Krejmas behind the lens and Eisa Bakos on photography duties (for Endless magazine). Check this video for the full story.

“Éclat’s Alex Kennedy, Kilian Roth, and Devon Smillie spend a week in Seoul, South Korea vibing with the locals and shutting down spots. It’s pretty incredible what these three accomplished in just under a week. Devon holds down the tech game, Kilian hits you with the BANGS, and AK brings his magical blends of tech, gnarly, and everything in between. This is the Éclat “Seouled Out” Adventure.”

Riders (in order of appearance):

Video by Zach Krejmas
Additional Filming by Eisa Bakos & Devon Smillie