Re-Up: watch Dan Conway’s Battleclip Now

With the drop of the 2020 edit from GT for their Complete Story, OurBMX goes into more detail on one of the tougher clips to get – Dan Conway‘s over tooth to crank to 180 out.

“GT’s Complete Story 2 came out today and I happened to be the guy that filmed it, so I threw together this Battle Clip of sorts with Dan Conway. Now, this isn’t some blood and gore… The trick is relatively mellow, but a few things you should know. First, we had been out for nearly 12 hours this day, so everyone was incredibly beat. Second, Dan was riding his signature GT BMX complete bike, so he wasn’t 100% comfortable on it. And most importantly, Dan had never done this trick before, but the setup was perfect for it and he felt like he could get it done, soooo….” – Ryan Fudger