We’re big fans of Harry around these parts, and after watching full video sections like this from United‘s Affirmation, you should be too. Big stuff, tech tricks, flow, Harry’s got the lot. Enjoy.

United have been real busy of late, with some new team additions and a whole load of trips filming for their latest video offering, ‘Affirmation’ – a banger of a 30-minute team mix filmed over six months in 2019 (and featuring some footage that has been sat on for a while). Featuring Ben Gordon, Kris Bunnage, Jack Seymour, Jack Gruber, Alex Valentino, Frasier Hill, Justin Care, Jeff Kocsis, George Duran, Fooman, Jordan Okane, Harry Mills Wakley, and Miki Fleck. If you need any Affirmation that United have one hell of a stacked crew, then this it.” – Dig