Watch Kevin Peraza’s Heritage film – at home, at the park, at X Games

The next short film from Mongoose and Mike King is this piece focussing on none other than Kevin Peraza. Mike spent a week or so in Kevin’s hometown Tucson filming the local spots, local parks, bike shop, Kevin’s family and homelife (damn, that barbecue looks good) and his journey to this year’s X Games. Pull up a chair, this is the good stuff.

“Mongoose Pro Kevin Peraza is a familiar face in the BMX scene. whether it’s at his local park in Arizona, or at the biggest events in world, you can always count on Kevin smiling and enjoying life on and off his bicycle. While it may look like all smiles, being a pro BMXer definitely has its challenges.
Kevin has already been on over 50 flights this year getting to contests, demos, and finding places to film. When he’s home he tries to balance spending time with his family, relaxing and, of course, riding his bike more.” – Mongoose

The Mongoose ‘Heritage’ series is an intimate look behind the scenes into what makes our riders tick, the story of how they got here, and insight into their lives off the bike. We caught Kevin in his hometown of Tucson just days before he left to compete at the X Games in Minneapolis, MN. This is the second film in our new series, produced by Human Creative