Things were different back then. BMX Beat Legends – Carlo Griggs 1986

Here’s a classic moment in time from 1986…

“BMX Beat! was the world’s first BMX Freestyle TV show and Carlo Griggs, whilst only 12 years old at the time, made his mark in a BIG way! This video is a compilation of his performances in the BMX Beat 3-In-1 Oil Freestyle Champs in 1986. BMX Beat was a popular TV show broadcast on ITV from 1984 to 1987.” – Stuntabiker

Hosted by Andy Ruffell and various co-hosts including Gaz Top (Gareth Jones), Alistair Pirrie and Ron Stebbene the show was broadcast Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. Featuring UK Stars Neil Ruffell RIP, Craig Campbell, Carlo Griggs, Billy Stupple, Stuart Pepe Winder, Mason Smith, Lee Reynolds, Dave Young, and many more. It was one of the most popular shows on UK TV. Filmed in Carlisle at Border TVs Car Park (mostly).