Check out: Greg Illingworth goes flat out in Hamburg

THAT’S what I’m talking about! Greg Illingworth going massive off a quarter, up a wall, and that’s all you need – enjoy one minute of Greg going full bore. Perfect.

“There’s no better feeling for me than hitting a quarter to wall after pedalling flat out across a parking lot or field. It’s BMX freestyle in its simplest and most original form. Pedal the bike towards a ramp, jump out, and come back down. You go faster every time you hit it and it feels better every time. Until you feel that scare. That “ohhhh shiit… shewwww” feeling… when you ride away laughing at yourself and happy to be alive. “That was close… I wasn’t sure if I was gonna hold on… But can I go a bit faster?”… That feeling is what I ride bikes for and nothing else can has ever compared to how that feels…. I love it.” – Greg