A couple of years ago the GT crew put together their first full-length team video in a long time, and they nailed it. And what a crew! Spend 25 mins with a bunch of solid riders. Enjoy.

“From coast to coast in the US, to Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, Taiwan, and more, dropping bangers and making memories that’ll last a lifetime—sounds like Seriously Fun. The first full-length video and DVD that GT had produced in quite some time, Seriously Fun captures the team’s good times energy and their signature riding styles and personalities.” – GT

Edited by Andrew Brady
Originally released 2017
GT Featured Riders: • Albert Mercado • Brian Kachinsky • Chase Krolicki • Chelsea Wolfe • Dan Conway • Jay Cowley • Jeff “With Glasses” Ludwig • Jason Phelan • Jonesy Fedderson • Jordan Grandinetti • Leandro Moreira • Rob Wise • Tristen Cooper • Ty Callais