20 years of BMX – Leon Perkins

20 years is a long old time, but Leon Perkins has been riding hard, travelling the world, and keeping it going all that time – so he decided to put together this comp edit of highlights, contests, sessions and more. Check it out.

“This year I wanted to make a brand new riding video with all new footage, to celebrate riding BMX for twenty years. Instead, we are on lockdown so I took a trip down memory lane and created this. BMX made me who I am today, it took a young kid from a council estate in Liverpool, all over the country and then around the world. it enabled me to make the greatest friends and taught many a lesson about life. Its been an amazing ride, with many more to come. Special thank you to Rampworx skate park, my home from home for the past 20 years. A huge amount of love to all my friends, anyone who I’ve shared a ramp with, rode in a comp with, been on a road trip with and to anyone who has pointed a camera at me. Filmers – Bongo, Jason Phelan, Chris Wilmshurst, Zack Williams, David Mcfadden and anyone else who I’ve forgotten! This Video is dedicated to Ian Robinson, One of Rampworx’s original creators. RIP. Thanks for watching! Some footage has been borrowed from http://www.vitalbmx.com” – Leon