Felix Prangenberg just dropped his Strange Times video

Hell yes! If you want burly tech street then look no further – fill yer boots with Felix Prangenberg‘s latest video piece for Wethepeople – note Felix even edited this video himself, good work fella.. Hit play now!

“Felix Prangenberg decided to be as productive as possible during the quarantine in Germany. With German lockdown rules allowing you to do sport activities with one other person, Felix met up with a few of his homies (individually) to see what was possible filming wise. Felix being Felix, 3 weeks later he had a 5 min banger filled video part ready to help get you guys through these strange times… “ – WTP

Filmed by Beefy, Dave Paterson, Nico Van Loon, Nina Ebner & Aaron Paffenholz.
Edited by Felix Prangenberg.