New product: new BMX Flight Bag from WETHEPEOPLE

We might not be flying very far right now due to Corona, but when the trips are up and running again we’ll need bike bags to throw our bikes in: and this could well be the best bike bag available right now. Wethepeople picked a stunning time to launch a flight bag, but hey – they’ve done a damn fine job with the product. Check it out.

“We took other bike bags on the market and tested them for a solid year to assess their pros and cons, and also where they can be improved. Working closely with one of the best sports baggage manufactures in the world, and using super durable and long-lasting materials, the PRO 100L Flight Bag is incredibly dependable and resistant to even the laziest baggage handlers and clumsiest airlines. The smaller size has been carefully researched to fit within all major airline baggage guidelines, allowing you to check it in as regular baggage and avoiding oversize or sports equipment fees. Available now worldwide.” – Wethepeople