Travis Pastrana and Mat Hoffman Tell Us Why Nate Wessel is the Unsung Hero of Action Sports

If you’ve ever ridden a big contest course, a Simple Session event, a Backyard Jam from back in the day or checked out Woodward, then you will have ridden a ramp designed and built by Nate Wessell. This guy KNOWS skatepark layout, design and build like nobody else. Creative, practical, and able to help riders unleash amazing riding – it’s all in the ramp design and build. Here’s a great video profiling the best ramp build in the game.

Facing hardships at a young age, Wessel turned to action sports to ease his pain, and it may have saved his life. His passion for action sports at a young age helped him become one of the more respected names in the industry, with legends such as Travis Pastrana, Mat Hoffman, Tony Hawk, and Ryan Nyquist regularly riding his ramps. An adrenaline junkie himself, Wessel’s thrill-seeking mindset has brought him great joy and greater hospital bills. Wessel implements his full-send antics into his work as he knows what a fellow daredevil wants in a ramp. Outside of his success in action sports in the US, Wessel has taken his talents overseas in building ramps for Bikes over Bagdad, a BMX showcase on active military bases. His daring ideas and actions have changed the landscape of action sports as we know it. His impact on the sport can be seen in the full-sends and wow moments throughout action sports.” – Kill Cliff