Watch: JAY MIRON – The Next Chapter

This is a great video from the hand of Stew Johnson and the backing of X Games, looking into the life and times of BMX legend Jay Miron – the original Canadian Beast. A rider who helped redefine ramp riding, who carved his own direction, Miron stood out as one of the burliest riders on the scene – and fired up Macneil Bike Co along the way. This video looks into Jay’s life, and it’s outstanding. Watch.

“In 1995, Canadian BMX rider Jay Miron won the first X Games gold medal in BMX, for BMX Dirt. He beat out the top dirt riders of the time, in a class he typically didn’t enter at competitions.” – X Games

How? He’s Jay Miron, one of the best all-around BMX bike riders in the world, still to this day. He never took one discipline and ran with it. He did it all. Miron first arrived on the international BMX scene from Thunder Bay, Ontario in the late 1980s, riding BMX Vert at the 2-Hip King of Vert competitions. Quickly, he emerged as a progressive, unstoppable and innovative bike rider on all terrains, from flatland to vert to park to dirt.
As the 1990s approached, Miron joined up with GT Bicycles and then Hoffman Bikes, moving to the U.S. and competing in a very small but prestigious pro class that included riders such as Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra. By the time the X Games arrived, Miron was broadening his horizons and picked up a new sponsorship from an established bike company re-entering BMX.
Schwinn Bicycles took his input on their BMX line and allowed him to travel the world without worrying about sleeping on the floor. Instead of taking the check and cashing out, Miron doubled down on the Canadian BMX scene that birthed him. He started his own distribution company to import brands to Canada. He started a Canadian BMX magazine to spotlight riders in Canada. And he eventually started his own BMX company to do things his own way.
Along the way, Miron’s riding continued to evolve in ways no one thought possible. He released groundbreaking video parts, toured the world and employed some of the most progressive riders of the era on his MacNeil bikes team.
Then, in 2009, Jay Miron retired from his BMX companies and BMX riding. He had discovered a new passion and much like BMX before it, he put everything he had into that pursuit. This is the story of Jay Miron.