Check out Dig’s In The Cut video – Mongoose In South Africa

And here’s another crackin’ video from the Mongoose trip to South Africa from a while back, this time from DigBMX and one of their In The Cut series – hit play and enjoy!

“Mongoose recently wrapped up a trip to South Africa based around two dope jams / comps- Night Harvest​ in Cape Town, and Ultimate X at the Sun City Resort, which is located near Joh​annesburg. Greg Illingworth, Paul Ryan, Pat Casey and Ben Wallace took in the incredible Cape Town sights, abundance of wildlife, and good times at both events. With commentary by TM Leigh Ramsdell, fellow traveler Dustin Orem, and guest appearances by Gary Young, who happens to possess the best tire pump of all time- when it works, at least…” – DigBMX

Check out the full photo story here – DIG BMX SITE