Dennis Enarson is back with his Unclicked podcast, this time teaming up with OurBMX to host and help out, and first in the chair is none other than Gary Young. Check it out here.

“Season 2, Episode 1. Things have changed a little bit with the Unclicked Podcast. Dennis got a bit burned out, so we struck a deal where I’d (Ryan Fudger) would take over the podcast and he’d still be involved as much or as little as he’d like. Fortunately, we have several podcasts in the bag already and Dennis has been part of every single one. New logo, new co-host, new location, and a new dog that interrupts the podcast, but it’s still the same Unclicked. The first episode back is with the one and only Gary Young, who happens to be my best friend and have one of the best table tops in BMX.” – OurBMX

Unclicked is available on itunes, spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts.