Watch: Rom Boys, 40 Years of Rad: Skateboard & BMX Historical Documentary

Now THIS is something to look forward to – the Rom Boys film. Rom Skatepark is forty years old, brutal, experimental, historic, and an iconic place of legend – a unique skatepark, with unique locals, and a worldwide fanbase. As such, it needs a documentary film: here’s the trailer.

“It’s one of the world’s oldest and most unique skateparks, but following a devastating tragedy, it’s financially on its knees. Meet the park’s skaters, BMXers and street artists, who against all the odds, are fighting to keep the park alive for the next generation. Welcome to London’s Dogtown.” – Rom

Shot beautifully in stunning 4K this is the first time a feature-length documentary has looked at the early British skateboarding scene and the first generation of skaters and BMX riders from the late seventies and eighties who are still going strong.

Rom Boys features archive footage from the past 40 years and over 30 interviews with some of the worlds biggest names in skate and BMX from yesteryear and some of the best skaters and riders today.

Directed and Shot by : Matt Harris
Original Music by: Fernando Martinez
Sound Design & Mix : Will Berridge / Carlos Hernandez
Executive Producer: Lucy-Emma Harris
Production Company: Pixelwork