Watch: FELIX PRANGENBERG – Welcome to etnies Pro

Start your week off right with this Welcome to Etnies pro video for Felix Prangenberg. Felix is one of the most solid dudes on the scene, and this video proves it – bangers, street combos, crusty AF spots, and interviews with his riding mates about what a guy he is. Felix rules. Get into this.

It’s no secret that Felix Prangenberg is one of the top street riders out there right now, but apart from his incredible abilities on a bike you might not be too clued up with what makes the young German tick. He’s just been given the bump up to the etnies Worldwide Pro team and to celebrate we took a look at Felix’s role in his local scene in Cologne. From broadening other riders’ horizons by driving them to different contests and cities throughout Europe, all the way to simply being a great friend who will always have your back, it’s safe to say, Felix plays an important roll in the BMX community – both at home and worldwide. It’s not always just about how good you are on a bike…” – Dig

Film and edit: David Schaller