How to build a complete BMX bike

Bought a complete bike recently and it’s arrived in a box from your favourite mail-order company? Our friends at Mongoose have put together this quick how-to build a bike video, featuring Leigh Ramsdell on the spanners.

“This video will show you how to assemble your new Mongoose BMX Freestyle bike and get you rolling in no time! This video contains important information regarding bicycle assembly. It is intended to be a convenient general reference only. It is not intended to be a complete or comprehensive manual covering all aspects of bicycle assembly or safety.” – Mongoose

The tools you will need to assemble the bike include: • Socket wrench • 15 mm and 17 mm socket • 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm Allen wrenches • 15 mm open-end wrench or adjustable wrench • Wire cutters or scissors • Grease • Phillips and Slotted screwdrivers • Box cutter or knife • Air pump