Bike Check Video: SUPREME X S&M 1995 Dirtbike BMX

A lot of heat has been generated by S&M Bikes teaming up with Supreme to produce a limited edition collab bike, but it’s fair to say they did an outstanding job of recreating a 1995 Dirt Bike and building it with a load of pristine made-in-the-USA bike parts. This bike is legit. Sure, people have been flipping them on eBay for thousands over asking price, but the guys at Meseroll Bike Shop managed to get their hands on one to go RIDE. That’s what I’m talking about.

We picked up the S&M BMX collaboration with Supreme New York to see what all the hype was about. The two USA-based brands teamed up to remake one of S&M’s classic models from 1995—the Dirtbike. Everything about the appearance and the geometry of the Dirtbike is modeled after the original’s standards. The bike comes in Supreme’s signature red colorway and features unique branded components, decals, and engravings making this BMX bike truly one of a kind.” – Meseroll