Simon Tabron suffers a heart attack & stroke, and needs our help

This news came outta nowhere this week: vert legend, old friend and one of the finest riders to throw a leg over a bike – Simon Tabron suffered a heart attack and subsequently, while in hospital, a stroke that knocked him into ICU. The BMX community is again coming together to help support Simon and his family during this rough time, and Chad Kagy has fired up a FundMe page to help out. Simon’s pulling through, he’s tougher than nails, but this will be a very long, very tough road ahead for him and his family.

Go here to help a brother out.

“Simon Tabron is a beloved 46-year-old husband, father and decorated pro-BMXer, having earned 8 World Championship Titles and 20 X Games medals. On September 7, 2020 his family’s world was shattered when he suffered a cardiac arrest and, days later, a stroke. As we write this, Simon has been moved from ICU on life support to neurological division as doctors race to understand the cause of these catastrophic events and the long term effect they will have on Simon’s ability to speak, walk, and work.

This devastating blow comes on the heels of an already difficult season in his family’s life. Just last January, after being diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy (terminal heart failure) and spending nearly a year in and out of hospitals, Simon’s 5 year-old daughter Scarlett received a life-saving heart transplant. Though Scarlett is thriving today, the family continues to be faced with the emotional and financial impact of her fight, less than two years ago.” – Chad Kagy

I’ve shot tons of photos of Si over the years. This is a favourite, and was a cover of our old mag – Ride UK, from 2004. MN.