Watch: the number one video of 2020, Champagne

It had to be – Kink raised the bar again with their 2020 release of Champagne, an incredible full-length video that is truly worth of the NORA Cup award for Video of The Year. Seek this video out and spend some quality time with it – in the meantime, here’s OurBMX‘s award video with the crew. Hit play.

“30 minutes of on point filming, amazing production, and progressive riding. The Kink team is known for their quality full-length videos, but somehow “Champagne” is the brand’s first NORA Cup. Well deserved… It”s no short feat to be nominated, so want to give a shout out to Always Fiending/Fiend, No Future/Marie Jade, Vacilando/Skapegoat, and Widdit/Animal Bikes.” – OurBMX