The latest Vans video contest, featuring core BMX stores and their teams and scenes, has culminated in this, the Best Of The Circle video… and it’s a belter. Hit play on this one, and check out the highlights…

“The first ever Vans ‘The Circle’ video contest is finished and now we’ve got a really sick mashup from all the shops’ footage, laced together into this unique video by Rich Forne. The riding throughout the whole contest was next level and this is the perfect showcase of all the different styles.”

Created to support local BMX stores, their riders and their communities, The Circle is a brand new BMX filming competition where 10 BMX shops from across the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Russia will go head to head for the chance to win a share of €20,000 in prize money. After assembling their teams of up to 6 members with a mix of pros and ams, the crews have been working hard to film and produce their final edits.
Our brief to them was pretty simple; stay local, be inclusive, be creative and engage their community, which ultimately is at the core of what The Circle is all about. The aim is to celebrate local BMX communities, everyone who contributes to their scene and ultimately what makes their BMX circle what it is.