Watch: The Best of Chad Kerley

Since we’ve been sharing Chad Kerley‘s new How-To series here on, makes sense to also show his Best Of video from our friends at X Games. This is a helluva compilation video, definitely worth diving into, so check it out.

“It’s hard to believe, but BMX rider #ChadKerley has been competing at X Games since 2012. And in that time, Chad has amassed 6 medals in BMX Street, including one silver from #RealBMX in 2017. But the medal count isn’t what’s important here: Chad’s progression is what we wanted to look at. From 2012 to the present, Chad has steadily switched it up, from cassette to freecoaster, from hang 5 combos to unreal nose wheelies. And we’re been lucky to watch it all happen. Assembled here are highlights from Chad’s #XGames career, including gold medal wins and international previews from Shanghai 2019. Thanks for consistently bringing it Chad!” – X Games