Mongoose decided to hit the road with the crew recently, to get the team together, hit some unseen spots, check out the new 2021 complete bikes, and just have a good time – they chose North Carolina, with Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Nikita Duccarroz, and new team rider Mykel Larrin. Hit play.

“The Mongoose freestyle team traveled to the Carolina’s to check out the new 2021 Legion series. While we had them out there, Team Manager Leigh Ramsdell played tour guide and took them around to discover the hidden riding gems that this region has to offer. They even crept into South Carolina for a once-in-a-lifetime session at Whipsnake! Watch this video to see all the spots Kevin Peraza, Nikita Ducarroz, Pat Casey and our newest team rider, Mykel Larrin, rode!” – Mongoose

Bonus note – Mykel provided most of the music for the video! Here is the list of music:
1) Mykel Larrin – “Ascend”
2) Mykel Larrin – “Lounge Keys”
3) Lone Wild – “Up With The Sun” instrumental
4) Lone Wild – “Stranger Ways” instrumental
5) Mykel Larrin – “Dusk”
6) Lone Wild – “Wild Child” instrumental