WATCH THIS: Dan Conway, Brian Kachinsky, Leandro and more in VANTASTIC VOYAGE TO 2019 SWAMPFEST – GT BMX

With Swampfest 2020 canceled due to the coronavirus situation (along with most of 2020, as it happened), time to reflect on a happier, better time when everyone piled into vans and tripped down to Florida for one of the wackiest BMX events of all time. Welcome then, to GT’s Vantastic Voyage to Swampfest 2019. ROLL ON 2021!

GT has supported Swampfest since 2018, when we loaded up two vans with the team and headed down to Florida for warmer weather, cool spots, fun parks, and Swampfest. This Vantastic Voyage consisted of Brian Kachinsky, Albert Mercado, Dan Conway, Leandro Moreira, Jeff Ludwig, Kody Bricen and Jordan Grandinetti shredding all sorts of terrain and having an awesome time. In lieu of the 2020 event that was originally scheduled for today, we decided to post-up this flashback.” – GT

Shot and cut by Andrew Brady