Watch TOM DUGAN – Behind The Scenes – ETNIES ‘CHAPTERS

This is great stuff – our friends at DigBMX are putting out some quality videos right now, and this is a peach. Tom Dugan and his behind the scene look at his Etnies Chapters video part. Click and enjoy.

“During an era where they had one of the most revered and well-rounded teams in modern-day BMX, etnies released the full length video “CHAPTERS” in 2017. With 35 trips over a period of three years, throughout 15 countries, at both legendary and new spots, the team shared good times, friendships, sometimes adversity, and have shed blood, sweat, and tears, along with groundbreaking and sometimes downright scary feats. Tom Dugan reflects on an 11th-hour epic clip he filmed at that amazing El Paso, Texas spot.” – Dig