It seems not even a global pandemic can stop the Monster train, and last weekend they ran the Triple Challenge dirt jump contest – and it went off. With the went organisers being super-careful and the reduced pro/invite list kept the numbers down (safety first) but the rad level was at an all-time high. Hit play on this raw finals video.

“I think a highlight of this event was the Best Trick. Pat Casey sent the tailwhip cashroll (which he also did in his run), Mason Ritter did a heel clicker decade and attempted a 180 flip to fakie. Ryan Nyquist has so many wild tricks and combos, he probably had an inner battle on which to choose, but went with the no-footed cancan barspin, which, was… absolutely flawless. Amazing, really. But Larry Edgar really stole the show, as I mentioned earlier, he was riding the course against the grain the day before—jumping the second jump backward then airing the first jump landing and speed jumping back over the second jump. He upped the ante during Best Trick with a 360 over the second jump backward, straight into a flair on the landing of the first jump. Creativity, skill, power, and some a dash of freestyle—that’s what it took to win Best Trick. While I don’t see the events floodgates springing wide open any time soon, I think the BMX Triple in Houston proves that smaller controlled events, when conducting responsibly, are possible. Congrats to Monster Energy and the entire crew that made the event possible. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come…” – Jeff Z / OurBMX