Video: RELIC Rambling in the North East

Relic is definitely making some moves and we’re definitely into what they’re doing right now – and the products coming from Ashley Charles and co are looking awesome. Hit up your favourite bike shop to check out the range… and in the meantime, hit play on this new trails edit. THIS is what we like.

“This rules! Watch the Relic crew spend a week in the North East of the States back in October 2020 as they rip through all of the trails and cement that the area has to offer. FULL ROAST! Featuring Matty Aquizap, Clint Reynolds, Ever Peacock and more…” – Dig

“Big shout out to everyone that took care of the boys out there and for sculpting and maintaining some of the best trails on the planet.” – Ashley Charles / Relic BMX

Filmed and edited by Josh Babu