VIDEO: Devon Smillie’s Latest Full Part

Devon Smillie made the most of a wild & weird 2020 by filming clips on clips on clips, and stacked up enough good stuff to put out this full part for Fly Bikes. Rails, ledges, manny-blocks, tech combos, flow, ridiculously hard lines, Devon’s got it all. Hit play on this one.

“2020 was a year that nobody expected to turn out the way it did. The pandemic changed up everyone’s world, some more than others. Instead of traveling the world, riding in contests and filming at crazy spots in cities all over like normal, Devon Smillie stayed home in California. Despite all the negatives, there was a silver lining; schools were closed, normally busy and unrideable spots were cleared out and the sessions with the locals were still happening! 2020 was less than ideal, but Devon managed to make the most of it and stack a ton of fire clips staying close to home!” – Fly

Filmed and edited by Eddie Cuellar
Additional Filming by Gordon McDonald, Ethan Corriere, Tak Kamihagi, Zach Krejmas