If you’re looking for some full-bore street, metal pegs, big rails, stone ledges, no-frills BMX then look no further. Dan Conway keeps it real and honest and goes balls out at all times. Hit play on this Welcome to Profile edit – hell yeah Dan!

“I’m pumped to be a part of such a legendary brand. The overall vibe and expectation of the brand is simply this: have fun doing what you do, and just RIDE! And that’s pretty damn easy when I’m surrounded by the other guys on the team. The squad is the best group of dudes on and off the bikes. I’m stoked to see what the future brings! Wooo!” – Dan Conway

“Our rider support philosophy at Profile has always left our team to decide who we invite on board. Although we’ve known Dan for years, having the Leeper Brothers (who have now been on Profile for the past decade) reach out, expressing their strong connection to Dan (his personality, vibe, and of course, his riding), proved that his invite into the Profile family was a no-brainer. And after we recently spent a week with him on the road, his perpetual stoke and motivation was just icing on the cake. Welcome aboard, Dan…to many more dialed trips with unending laughs and good times” – Matt Coplon (Profile TM)