Watch: Monster Street Contest Highlights

Yesterday we posted up the practice from the weekend’s contest from our friends at Monster Energy, today it’s the Full Qualifying Highlights video from the crew at OurBMX… buckle up folks, this is over 45 minutes deep.

“WOW. I started editing this and halfway through I really regretted it. With the livestream, I’m not entirely sure how many people will watch this, but for the sake of being thorough (too thorough?), here are the full highlights from qualifying. Finals video will be dropping tomorrow morning. Also, I’m sure you’ll notice that quality really, really drops on several of the final runs. Well, somehow, I didn’t load/deleted the footage from the main camera of the last (heaviest) group. Fortunately, I had the gimbal angle and the live stream as a back up… but yeah, kind of distraught about how that happened.” – OurBMX