Watch! Source BMX / Battle of the Brands / Official Trailer

Well well – it HAD to happen again. With Ride To Glory done and dusted, and Thrasher Magazine still running their annual epic King of The Road, Source BMX jumped in and fired up Battle of The Brands. Four BMX companies, four teams, tons of challenges, documented by filmers, photographers, and more… this will be gooooood. Here’s the trailer.

Filmer: Peter Adam
Kriss Kyle, Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones
Locations: Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dundee

Filmer: Veesh
Dakota Roche, Chase Dehart, Corey Walsh, Brandon Begin
Locations: LA

Filmer: Tony Ennis
Garrett Reynolds, Colin Varanyak, Matt Closson, Johnny Raekes
Locations: San Diego

Filmer: Wes McGrath
Mark Burnett, Jabe Jones, Matt Ray, Lewis Colascione
Locations: New York/New Jersey